Thursday, February 9, 2012

Note to self: keep sunblock in the car!

When we first moved to Auckland, NZ it was winter/spring. It was cold. Everyone said it was tropical in the summer and I couldn't figure out how this bone-chilling, rainy land would magically transform into a tropical paradise in a matter of months.

I couldn't have been more wrong!

After an amazing yoga class this morning (thanks, Ruth from Yoga Sanctuary), I had to run some errands. On the way to the market, I got side-tracked by Murray Beach. I posted about this Beach a while back, it was the first one I found while out exploring. Murray beach is not grand, it's a tiny little strip of sand nestled in-between two cliffs. There's only one road in and out and if you blink, you'll miss it. But if you don't blink, it's the most charming 200 feet of sand and water that you've ever seen.

It seems to be my "go to" beach. It's never crowded or too loud, except when the kids are out in their tiny sailboats courtesy of the Murray's Beach Yacht Club next door. Which is essentially one building in which they house the tiniest of sailboats. And even then, it's really amusing to watch them battle the small waves in these miniature, one-person sailboats which look like toys not capable of standing up to the wind.

I almost drove by and then thought... what's a 15 minute stop? So stop I did, and I was so glad. There's nothing like the sound of the water lapping on the beach and the cicadas in the background. And surprise, surprise, New Zealand IS tropical in the summer! Flowers in bloom scent the air, the sun is strong and high in the sky and the breeze today was perfection. Bright blue sky and big puffy clouds rolling by. It was hot and tropical and the birds were trying their best to drown out the cicadas. Bliss. Perfect after yoga. Much better than the market!

I've been meaning to try mediation again so I plopped down on the beach, crossed my legs and closed my eyes.

Well, I still can't mediate worth beans. Sorry Third Eye, you are still closed. But I only gave it about 10 minutes because I began to feel a bit crispy. Not thinking I'd be playing hookey on a beach after yoga, I failed to lather up with the SPF 30. And there's a hole in the ozone down here (?) or so they say. Note to self: keep sunblock in the car!

So on to my errands I went. Funny thing about the North Shore in Auckland. It's so laid back that shoes are optional. Have you ever been to the market barefoot with sand between your toes? It should be on your bucket list.


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