Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gone fishin'

A few weeks ago, Dave's parents were in town and we visited Queenstown on the South Island. Totally different from the lush North Island, the South Island is a little more rocky and dramatic. The air is crisper, the mountains higher and the fish? Well....

Let's just say they were biting.

We did so much on this trip, an amazing helicopter ride, exhilarating jet boat ride, guided tour of the area, tranquil horseback ride, gourmet meals... but it was the fly-fishing that has truly stuck with me. The river is so peaceful and serene.

The scenery amazingly gorgeous and the rhythm you develop when you cast is personal and powerful. It's this broad sweeping motion that looks so hard to accomplish and does actually take a while to feel. But when you get it, it clicks into place and you feel like you could do anything in that moment.

Even catch a fish!

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