Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Details on the move to NZ.

Kia Ora!

First of all I apologize to anyone that I haven't had a chance to explain why we've moved to New Zealand, or even that we've moved to New Zealand!!!!

To make a long story short, Dave got offered a job with a few year contract. It's a great opportunity for him, career wise, and also a great opportunity for us to live in a foreign land for a few years.

Dave has been here since July 6th, I stayed behind to pack up the house, get the dogs sorted and on the plane and pack up and move my studio to a gorgeous spot in sunny downtown Los Angeles. I just moved down here, left LA on September 16th and arrived on the 18th. I was so tired from all the moving and organizing and coordinating that I got on the plane and slept for 8 hours straight! wow!

About my biz. Amery Carrière Designs has gone global! We are still based in Los Angeles, my production being run by Carlie Mathews, thank God for Carlie! I feel confident that she will treat my production like she would her own, and I have left my business in good hands.

I am planning on coming back for trade shows, about three times a year. I have brought my studio number down under with me, and actually did some business this morning and people had no idea that I was calling from 10,000 miles away! :) So business will continue as normal.

I know this first blog wasn't too exciting, but stay tuned for a second one that will give you a little more Kiwi flavor!

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