Thursday, September 22, 2011

Drive Left, Hug Right.

First trip out was excellent. Only one minor goof-up, a few wrong turns, and a bit of exploring. I was looking for the mega-center, this huge Westfield Mall which has everything. I call it the Mega-Low-Mart for fun. Anyway, on my way to the Mega-Low-Mart I took a wrong turn, or didn't turn or something and not only did I find a health food store with Agave, yay! But I came across this ridge and discovered the most amazing view of the ocean with islands.

This is when it hit me. I was lost, on the wrong side (well, right for here, I mean left) of the road, alone, and absolutely spellbound by the beauty before me. I live here? Really? Wow. And now how do I get unlost?

The hardest part about driving is NOT staying on the left side of the road. All the signs lead are pointing you to the left side, and all the other cars are driving on the left side, so you just follow along.

Top 10 driving challenges are:

#1--when you pull out of someplace and there are no cars to give you guidance. Panic moment! I normally wait for a car to gain my bearings.

#2--turning. Anywhere.

#3--parking. Anywhere.

#4--those making a right turn (the turn across traffic) have the right of way. Yes, even the Kiwis agree that it’s nonsense.

#5--the millions of “roundabouts” and remembering how to use your turn signals.

#6--drifting to the left. Your peripheral vision is catty-wompus because you are used to driving on the left side of the car, so you constantly drift to the left. You not only have to chant to yourself “drive left”, but also “hug right”. So many things to remember!

#7—did I mention, turning- anywhere?

#8--getting in the wrong side of the car.

#9--as a passenger, you see the gear shift in the center (to your right, where it would be if you were the driver in the states) and you want to use it even though you are NOT the driver!

#10--every time you go to use your turn signal you turn on your windshield wipers! I have a feeling that this will take the longest to correct.

Mantra: drive left, hug right. Drive left, hug right.

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