Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Lost- pt I

I hope I never stop getting lost. You should try it. It's remarkably freeing. And, since I'm on an Island, I know I can't go too far!

The best things happen to me when I get lost. The first time, I discovered Mairangi Bay. I didn't mean to but was completely smitten with this sweet little beach town with it's marigold and tulip planted round-about (traffic circles for those not familiar with the vernacular), baby strollers and sidewalk cafes.

Today, I was looking for Mairangi Bay and made a wrong turn and ended up at Murray's Bay- my bay for those who know me from college and remember my tomboyish nickname. Gorgeous beach, gorgeous path for jogging (who, me jog? maybe, it's that pretty) and cute restaurants.

My best discovery was a KARAOKE bar!!!! And my husband just informed me that he knew about it and has been holding out on me! That's because he's afraid I'll drag him to it.