Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Girl make fire. ugh.

So it's cold here. For me.

Funny thing. We went for a walk the other day and I'm wearing my alpaca socks, layers of merino wool, a raincoat, a wool cap and my alpaca fingerless gloves. It's chilly and you never know when it will rain.

So what's funny, you ask? Well... many Kiwis pass us on our walk wearing shorts, a long sleeve shirt, maybe a light jacket. And they are all looking at me like I'm nuts, with a small smile on their face, and I know what they're thinking: "ex-pat".

So maybe my huge roaring fire and my Arctic gear are a little much for Spring in NZ. But this Cali girl is cold! Yes, formerly East Coast, but don't forget many young years spent in Miami, FL.

Signing off, in layers of wool.
Peace & love & warmth,


  1. Good on ya Amery! I' m a little jelly about your move. And looking forward to your notes. I'm moving to the cold next year too! Richmond Virginia here I come. Not as exotic as NZ, but a shocking adventure for this home grown LA girl. Best Wishes down under!

  2. LOLOL the joys of adapting to a new climate! and yes, you will stick out like a sore thumb for a while! just snuggle with the doggies when hubby is working and you'll be fine ;)

  3. Glad you are momved and settled in. I heard you will be driving. ut climate. you will get comfy there. La is hot all the time. Nor Cal we are more used to some cooler winters....xoxo

  4. Lora, that's so exciting, I know you've wanted to do that for some time now.

    Dee, it's not like me to hibernate while alone. I'm already looking at yoga classes and some jewelry lessons.

    Sparkles, yes driving was done! I'll post about that next. I was sick of the heat all the time. I really missed weather, I did grow up back East. Even in Florida as a kid we had weather.